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Relationship And Marriage Counselling Services

Every relationship goes through ups and downs, major life events can send you off track and many people will experience feelings of depression and anxiety at some point in their lives. Counselling and a good therapist can help you navigate your way back to a clearer path.

Marriage and relationship counselling can be a great way to give you and your partner the opportunity to communicate clearly and help resolve underlying issues in your relationship.

Helping Couples in Sydney CBD Give Their Relationship Another Chance with Marriage Counselling

I am a registered Psychotherapist working in Parramatta and Sydney CBD, specialising in counselling for individuals and couples going through challenging times. While I use various techniques to help guide my clients through concerns and relationship blocks, my aim is to work with you, providing you with the tools and support you need to get to where you want to be.

Marriage and relationship counselling sessions are designed to provide a safe space to explore what might be keeping you stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour. You are the expert in your life and relationships, and it is my job to use my skills and expertise to work collaboratively with you, helping you challenge yourself and find new ways of approaching difficult situations.

Book an Appointment at the Clinic in Sydney CBD

Lidia Smirnov Counselling has a clinic located conveniently in Sydney CBD, giving couples a neutral ground for their appointments. For couples living further out the city, there is also a clinic in Oatlands where I also see clients needing relationship and marriage counselling. Call 0403 921 223 to make an appointment or book a free 15-minute call to find out how counselling services might help you and your partner.

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  • We spent years focusing on building a successful business and caring for our family, and little time on our relationship. By the time we met Lidia our relationship barely existed. Lidia helped us to refocus and provided us with the necessary tools to rebuild our relationship. With Lidia’s much valued guidance we now have a strong foundation which is continuing to strengthen. This has been the best investment we have ever made.

    Craig (PI)  &  Justine (PI)
  • We came to Lidia as a couple with multicultural background which presented some issues in itself, but as every relationship is unique in its own right, we are convinced that her expertise will benefit any relationship that goes through a hard time to the point that it may feel unbearable. We highly recommend Lidia to anyone, even if it appears that all avenues to save a relationship have been exhausted. Lidia’s counselling may provide just the turning point that you need at this point in time.

    Anatol (Game Developer) &  YUKI (Early Childcare Worker)
  • I have been working with Lidia in individual counselling, and it has been an incredible and surprising journey for me. I started from a place of deep but undefinable unhappiness with myself, my relationships, and my life. Working with Lidia, I have come to understand my ingrained habits of thinking, feeling and reacting to the world – and have started a process of change which I didn’t think was possible before. Not only my own sense of well-being but also all of my relationships are improving as a result. Lidia’s unfailing warmth, kindness, patience and intelligence have made this journey possible for me. I would unhesitatingly recommend Lidia to anyone wanting to explore and improve their relationship with themselves, and others. She is a truly compassionate and wise guide on the journey.

    Annette (Lawyer)
  • I have been working on personal issues with Lidia for over a year. She has helped me navigate a significant transition in my life by applying mindfulness techniques to scenarios I have shared with her. More recently, she has been helping me and my wife with our relationship and that with our children.

    She helps by providing a different context to the one that automatically presents itself. This has allowed me (and my wife) to actively choose our mental models, thereby giving us more control over how we interpret certain experiences. I feel calmer, more content and more willing not to let fear rule what I do. I have also noted significant improvements in my marriage and how I interact with my children.

    I would not hesitate recommending Lidia to anyone who is struggling with any aspect of life.

    Cristian (Engineer)  &  Joadi (Teacher)
  • When my wife and I found Lidia we were quite sure that we wanted to save our marriage – we just weren’t quite sure how to go about it. We knew that we still loved each other and that what we had was worth fighting for. But we had grown distant, our careers were pulling in opposite directions and, worst of all, we had effectively stopped communicating. So we knew we had to get help – but we did not hold out a lot of hope that we would find it. But we did. We found Lidia Smirnov who, through her calm, empathic and thoughtful way got us to “see” each other once again. Got us talking & laughing again. Through our sessions with Lidia we were able to reconnect and, most importantly, to develop strategies to avoid returning to that place where we questioned our future together. Of course we still have pressures of work and children – but we now make time for “us” and as a result again have a very positive outlook on our future together. So I would certainly recommend other couples, facing these or similar issues, to also reach out and engage with Lidia.

    Michael (Barrister) & Sue (EA)
  • My husband and I didn’t know whether our relationship would survive before we met Lidia. My both knew that we loved each other but the constant fighting was starting to take a toll on our marriage. Having Lidia’s counselling was one of the best things I have done for myself, and we both feel so fortunate to have found Lidia.

    Lidia is kind, non-judgmental, and easy to open up to. I have always felt calm and at ease during and after each sessions. We have seen so much growth within ourselves. She has helped me to initiate helpful growth, strength and peace of mind going forward. I highly recommend Lidia.

    Akiko (Artist)
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