Integrating Mind and Body for Long Lasting Relationships

Picture of Lidia Smirnov

More than 10 years ago, with a successful career and pregnant with my second son, I faced a life-threatening illness. That experience prompted me to overcome my fears and create a more meaningful life for myself and my family. For me, that meant returning to full-time study in Psychotherapy, to retrain in an area I am passionate about, and where I can help others create lasting positive change in their lives.

Since then I have gone on to work in various areas of practice, ultimately setting up my own private practice in Parramatta and Sydney CBD. I have also extended my training to be able to provide a special focus in couples therapy and marriage counselling. I offer counselling to individuals and couples and work with people experiencing a wide range of issues and challenges, including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship issues, stress and challenging life transitions.

My approach is about creating lasting positive change, rather than looking for a quick fix. I aim to provide you with a safe, accepting environment, and help you explore and find your own tools and inner resources to be able to navigate your challenges more effectively, now and into the future. I don’t provide advice, I provide structure and support for you to heal and grow.

My method come from a fundamental belief that every individual is inherently good, and has the internal resources needed to manage life’s challenges, but can sometimes lose sight of this. Sometimes the natural ups and downs of life can disconnect us from our own inner strengths, and we can start to feel lost and disconnected, as individuals and within our relationships. The methods I use are evidence-based and aim to help reconnect you to your inner resources, building a solid foundation for personal growth.

I am as passionate about my own personal and professional development, as I am about helping my clients. I have regular clinical supervision to continually examine and find ways to improve the quality of my work, as well as ongoing professional training to make sure my clients benefit from the latest and most effective therapeutic methods.